Recent Events of North Cyprus Center Japan

The first Japanese tourist arrived to NORTH CYPRUS!

Our professional team took the first Japanese tourist in North Cyprus from the airport and she was placed at the PIA BELLA Hotel, KYRENIA.
She tried our traditional Turkish coffee in Kyrenia Harbour, with beautiful landscapes. That day, Kyrenia's weather was 20 celcius degrees, while it was 7 celcius degrees in Tokyo.
During the North Cyprus holiday, she will visit a lot of historical places and do trekking . We are ready to experience the beauty of North Cyprus.
We offer our best wishes to her for enjoying trip and we are proud to see that we start getting the results of our effort . Thanks for everyone who believes and supports us.

弊社設立以来、第1号のお客様が北キプロスに到着しました!弊社の手配チームが空港からギルネにあるPIA BELLA HOTELまで送迎し、途中ギルネ湾沿いのカフェでトルココーヒーをお召し上がりいただきました。
Asia Economic and Cultural Development Organization established in Tokyo!

On behalf of Turkey and North Cyprus, The President of North Cyprus Center, Mr. Hasan Nuri joined as a councilor to Asia Economic and Cultural Development Organization which consists of former governors, business, artists and outstanding people.
AECDO held a new year meeting party on December 12, with a wide participation of the members including of Keishiro Fukushima, the former Senator of Japan, artist Huang Shi and Mr. Hasan Nuri.
In the meeting, the targets for the promotion of Asian countries were highlighted.
Mr. Hasan Nuri, the President of North Cyprus Center(NCC) Japan and Representative Ms. Erina Bıçakçı had meeting with Turkish Ambassador Mr. H. Murat Mercan and The Cultural and Information Counsellor Director of Japan Mr. Ali Karakuş. We wish new ambassador success in his duty in Japan. After, as NCC Japan , we explained the reason of establishment & history of our company together what we did until today and our future targets and projects and we discussed possible collaborations as under. As a result of the meeting;
- Firstly, Turkish Ambassador expressed his appreciations and they will give full support in future organizations which will be done in future.
-Secondly , Embassy include the NCC Japan in Turkey’s seminars & promotion organizations starting from next January, and give place & time to NCC Japan to represent & introduce NORTH CYPRUS .
-Thirdly, Turkish Embassy will organize some events with NCC Japan for Japanese travel agencies and media. For the promotion of North Cyprus, as soon as possibe in the beginning of New Year.
At last, Embassador informed us, in future, if NCC Japan wants ındependently to make any seminar & event to introduce North Cyprus in Japan , they will give us support and help and stand our back.
As North Cyprus Center (NCC) Japan, we will do good things. Keep following us!

弊社の取締役Hasan NURIと代表のErina BICAKCIは、トルコ共和国大使館を訪問し、トルコ大使であるMr H. Murat MERCANと会議を行いました。北キプロスを日本に広げるための協力を直接依頼することができ、有意義な時間となりました。
NCC JAPAN President Mr. Hasan NURI and Representative Ms. Erina BICAKCI met with TURKISH EMBASSY Office Of The Cultural and Information Counsellor Director of JAPAN Mr. Ali KARAKUS and Marketing Officer Mr. Masamitsu OMORI. Thanks for supporting us! We hope that we will cooperate for presentation North Cyprus in Japan!

(株)北キプロスセンタージャパンの取締役Hasan NURIと代表のErina BICAKCIは、トルコ共和国大使館・文化広報参事官室を訪問し、参事官のMr Ali KARAKUSとマーケティング担当のMr Masamitsu OMORIとミーティングを行いました。北キプロスを日本に広げるため協力を依頼し、とても有意義な話し合いの場となりました!!
NCC JAPAN President Mr. Hasan NURI and Representative Erina BICAKCI met with Turkish Airlines General Manager Mr. Mehmet AKAY and from Public Relations Mr. Ferit OZEN. We hope that we will do great organizations together about North Cyprus!

(株)北キプロスセンタージャパンの取締役Hasan NURIと代表のErina BICAKCIは、トルコ航空を訪問し、支社長であるMr Mehmet AKAYと広報担当のMr Ferit OZENとミーティングを行いました。北キプロスを日本に広げるため協力を依頼し、とても有意義な話し合いの場となりました!!