Lapida Hotel

Come and enjoy the special brand of pampering only this unique boutique hotel can offer. With its breath-taking tranquility and scenic mountain setting, Lapida Garden Hotel’ holds a spirit to bewitch you. The hotel’s ‘tucked-away serene location is in an exceptional setting of rural beauty, boasting a stunning barkcloth of the famous Five Finger Mountains, white roof top houses and villas as pretty as a picture’ are a breath-taking landscape peering out from the mountains. set in this historic town of Lapta, is a special experience not to be missed. Set on a coastline west of Kyrenia, some 7 kilometres from the Old Byzantine Harbour town-centre, betwixt mountains and Mediterranean coastline. The beautiful beaches with the shores occupied by beach clubs and hotels, give the the coastline a sparkle.Various tourist facilities have been operating in this region. Facilities amongst the natural beauty of the mountains means you can explore nature and its greenery at its finest. Offerings of family atmosphere entertainment and dining are densely available. Due to its unique location by the sea, the region of Lapta, offers abundant opportunities when it comes to water sports. Besides being host to some of the best beaches on the west-coast, participation to exploring a rich sea culture is endless. Enjoy excellent beaches dotted along the sandy coastline, walk bare-foot and refresh your spirit by taking a dive into the crystal blue waters captivating seashores where you can just let your imagination go!